Wire Transfer App

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Project Description

ATB’s team member-facing Wire Transfer tool required a large compliance update. Feedback from team members was that the tool in its current state was outdated, slow and difficult to use. The decision was made to re-design the tool to improve the user experience while making the required compliance updates.

In the initial planning stage we identified areas of improvement to the IA and user flow to improve the experience. Required content (like for like and new features) were documented in Confluence. High fidelity prototypes were designed in Axure based on the Fiori design guide / UI library and tested for validation, refined and then translated into stories for our developers to build.

Team members were very happy with the re-designed WTA tool. Feedback was that it is very clean and easy to use, a great experience and a time saver.

I collaborated with an analyst, product owner, researcher and information architect. I also worked with Fiori developers building out the application, they assisted us in the design ideation with technical input and ideas, and I supported them by providing design oversight during production.

Project Details

  • ClientATB
  • Year2020