Onboarding Express

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Project Description

Onboarding new retail and business customers was a long, drawn out process requiring ATB team members to navigate through multiple applications and a complicated, aging CRM. Team members made it very clear that they needed a streamlined, step by step wizard format – both easy to use and faster than their current onboarding method.

I joined this project at the midway point. The foundational groundwork of a design system, IA and user flows had already been developed and the application was functional as a minimum viable product. My role was to work with research and the business to iteratively improve both retail and business Onboarding Express applications with additional features and functionality. We prioritized these features through qualitative and quantitative research such as user forums, interviews and discovery workshops.

Team members were very happy with their new, improved re-designed and easy to use onboarding tool. Feedback was that it was much faster, intuitive and that additional features they required were being added in the order of priority that they requested.

I collaborated with product owners in both retail and business to identify areas of improvement and new features to meet user and business needs. I also worked with squads of developers building out the separate retail and business applications. They assisted us in design ideation with technical input and ideas, and I supported them by providing design oversight and feedback.

Project Details

  • ClientATB
  • Year2019-20